One of the main preventive pest control houston strategies involves thoroughly inspecting the home’s exterior for possible ways mice are getting inside. The pest control technician also evaluates the area around the house to see what is making it attractive to mice.

Autumn tends to be the worst time for homeowners when it comes to mice invading the house. The temperatures get cooler and rodents look for a warmer place to sleep. As they amble along the exterior of a house, they sense the warm air coming from flaws in the building and crawl inside. They might make a home in insulation in the crawlspace or even in the walls. It’s distressing to homeowners and their guests to hear those little critters scrambling around during the night.

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Mice can fit through very small flaws in a home’s foundation or siding. They can easily get into a crawlspace and enter a basement or first floor from there. The first step is to look for any deteriorated areas along the base of the home and plug them up with caulk or another substance. Technicians look for places where siding has come loose and where insulation has been chewed through underneath. Siding can be firmly reattached so mice can’t get in.

A homeowner that uses a wood stove in winter and doesn’t put a screen over a vent pipe near the ground may also unwittingly allow mice inside during all those months when the stove isn’t in use. An unscreened dryer vent is another door for mice. Although homeowners may have shied away from screening the dryer vent due to worries about lint buildup, they can safely have a vent screen as long as they clean the lint out frequently.Bird feeders are appealing to many homeowners, but unfortunately, they can be a food source for rodents. The rodent buffet can be prevented by raking up the organic debris under the feeders regularly. Once the home is fully sealed around the perimeter, however, bird feeders are less of an issue.


Anyone trying to figure out what to do about mice getting into the house may contact a houston pest control service for help. A website such as is a good place to start.

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